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Do you have parents 
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Advocare helps families create and implement a plan of care to promote healthy aging or address illness of loved ones. A Geriatric Care Manager does this by ASSESSING the client, ADVISING the family, and consistently ADVOCATING for optimal health and well being.

Focusing on Four Major Areas of Need

Our Care Management Programs:

Medical Care Management

Who would you want at your side during a crisis?

Our Nurse Advocates accompany clients to key doctor visits, manage medications and monitor health status. They know the local resources – physicians, hospitals, rehab facilities, and other key providers. 

They are ON CALL 24/7.

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Homecare Management

Screening, matchmaking, selecting, and managing the best caregivers.

Many times families are not certain where to start, that’s why they seek the counsel and guidance of experts.  A comprehensive assessment helps to identify problem areas – then lays out a care plan to address them.  No more struggling with all the disjointed pieces of elder care!  With an integrated approach, care from multiple practitioners and professionals is organized, coordinated, and harmonized.

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Transition Care Management

Things have changed for a parent, spouse, or loved one after years of flowing along smoothly.

Whether it’s a change in cognitive or medical status, or the loss of a spouse, you need to consider life transition options, such as choosing an assisted living community, Memory Care, or skilled nursing. 

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Lifecare Planning

Helps answer the question, “Who pays for all of this?”

Life Care Planning synchronizes the care plan with a financial plan and legal resources, looking at insurance and entitlements such as veteran benefits and Medicaid.

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Advocare Geriatic Care Manager and Aging Life Care Manager Concentric Circles of Care diagram
In the Outer Circle, Care Managers serve as the family advisor and advocate. They conduct an assessment and create a care plan orchestrating all the resources to maximize health and independence.
In the Inner Circle, Caregivers such as Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants, if needed, are carefully matched to assist with more basic daily personal activities of daily living.

Advocare's team of Aging Life Care Managers consists of Nurses, Social Workers, and Life Care Planning professionals. 

We empower families with the guidance needed to navigate our health & elder care systems, using a coordinated approach called Concentric Circles of Care.  

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Their wisdom, practical day-by-day guidance, and professional approach to problem solving helped me deal effectively with tough family decisions.

  • Having Advocare at home plate is just such a great thing, it is hard to describe the feeling it gives us. You have our gratitude and no doubt that you have made a difference in the way we live our lives.

  • You were a wonderful support as you communicated with me, interpreted what was going on, and advised and guided me throughout all of the various challenges.

  • I see a big difference from our previous care manager. Advocare is truly unique.

  • Amy and her team give new meaning to perseverance and tenacity on behalf of clients.

  • I was so grateful to hear the happiness in Mom’s voice. It’s a miracle and we could not have come through it without your help, support, intervention, and friendship.

  • You are a godsend to our family. We could not ask for more.

  • Mom sees you as a friend that is genuinely interested in her care.

  • Advocare is a powerful match of concerned professionals whose spirit is expressed in the way you carry out your work together.

  • You were a fount of information…warm, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional.

  • Life is better for all of us now thanks to the services offered by Advocare.

  • I really appreciate your assistance over the last few months – the elderly care system is very daunting and having someone providing unbiased advice was priceless.

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