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Senior care from your friends at Advocare starts with a commitment to dignity and respect for all our clients. Our concierge care services help seniors enjoy their later years to the fullest through our attention to detail and outstanding levels of assistance in all aspects of life. From personal care to running errands around town, the concierge care services offered by Advocare gives seniors much more than just help, it’s the freedom of continued independence during life’s later stages.

Spiritual Support

Many seniors find that their spiritual health may decline as they age because it’s more challenging to get to temple or church services and events as our mobility declines. No matter what your faith, the care managers at Advocare proudly serve people from all cultures and backgrounds and can help with spiritual support when your aging loved one needs it most. We have a Spiritual Liaison has personally been deeply involved in serving the spiritual and family services needs of South Florida families for years.

Our Holiday Interlude service is a visit from our Spiritual Liaison on days with special religious significance. Our Liaison brings a gift basket and whatever else necessary to properly celebrate a holiday of religious importance. We can also arrange visits from clergy across many faiths so you’re never too far from spiritual support and guidance as you age. Caring for the elderly is a staple value found across many faiths and the outstanding levels of care we provide echo those values. Call on Advocare today.

Senior Fitness

We’ve all heard stories about seniors doing incredible things like running marathons, but the reality is that most people see a significant decline in their mobility as they age. Here at Advocare, we often get asked what’s the best way to support senior fitness and mobility? Well the easy answer is to prevent a decline in the first place! We believe that an ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure, so our Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is designed to keep our clients from letting their age dictate their physical ability. We provide personalized fitness and wellness training aimed at maintaining foundational strength and mobility late into life. We can help seniors who are at risk of a fall with improvement in balance and coordination. We empower our clients to overcome the physical challenges which accompany aging so fulfilment and happiness in life remains intact throughout life’s later stages.

An Active Lifestyle Starts in the Home

Our Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is implemented by a trained fitness coach who understands that mobility isn’t a given for everyone. We help people develop the balance and strength training skills they need to aid mobility in the future. The overall goal of the Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program is to help people perform the daily tasks required for independent living. Are you currently active and looking to maintain or improve your lifestyle? Are you realizing that everyday tasks may be getting too challenging for you physically? Then it’s time to call on the team at Advocare today.

Fall Prevention

The Center for Disease Control has falls labeled as the number one threat to seniors and independent living. The younger you are, the more pliable your body is, meaning falling over isn’t going to cause many problems. However, for seniors with aging bones and muscles, a fall could cause significant injury such as broken bones, concussions and more. The Senior Fall Prevention Program is essentially a full-service safety inspection and implementation plan created by the team at Advocare. Our professionals conduct a full inspection of the home to check for things which could cause problems down the road.

We can spot problem areas for seniors that most people may not think about because we’ve seen it all before. Phone cords or other wires, loose rugs, inadequate or non-existent shower wall grips, no railings on staircases, dogs or cats underfoot and more can all cause a significant fall, so it’s the job of the team at Advocare to make sure your home is ideal for fall prevention.

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Advocare Can Make You and Your Home Safer

After we’ve identified areas of concern, it’s time to implement safety measures which make your home safer as you age. Not only do we help make your home safer, but our team of physical wellness coaches are also available to help you prevent falls into first place with age-appropriate strength and balance training. Call today and learn more about how Advocare can help you improve aging all the way around.

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