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Care Coordinators for Seniors South Florida
Care Coordinators for Seniors South Florida


South Florida Senior Fall Prevention Programs

Alarming Statistics

Why Senior Fall Prevention Programs are so Needed

According to the CDC, falls are the number one leading threat to seniors’ independence and ability to conduct their activities of daily living. Among Americans 65 and older, one in six has suffered a fall in the last three months, with a third of those individuals sustaining serious injury such as a broken hip or head injury.

Senior Care South Florida

Our Solution: Advocare’s Senior Fall Prevention Programs

A Safer Home = Fewer Falls

During our initial assessment, we will identify areas of concern such as lighting, floor coverings, obstacles, phone cords, and any other dangers that may lead to a fall. We will provide specific recommendations to make the home safer and senior-friendly.

A Stronger Body = Fewer Falls

Inactivity makes you more likely to fall. As some seniors develop a more sedentary lifestyle, they may tend to lose energy, muscle tone, and alertness. A regular exercise program helps seniors to avoid both depression and falls. Advocare’s Active Aging Program Senior Fitness Program® helps seniors to keep their bodies strong, and their minds alert, lessening the probability of falls.

Medication Management = Fewer Falls

Medications are the proverbial double edge sword – resolving symptoms of illness, but may have side effects increasing risk of falls. Advocare’s Medication Management Service helps families to guard against unintended medication issues.

An ounce of senior fall prevention is worth a pound of cure! Our Senior Fall Prevention Programs can help seniors stay safe and independent!

Back Up Your Plan

With a Medical Alert System

Medical Alert Service connects clients to trained personnel that can send help quickly — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Advocare Care Manager can also be listed as an emergency contact. Is it time to consider a medical alert system? We can refer you to excellent providers depending on the need. Some systems have automatic fall detection, others are GPS enabled and work anywhere inside the home, outside the home, or anywhere in the country.

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