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One of the first questions our team at Advocare Care Associates gets asked by new clients is about costs. It’s no secret that senior care is expensive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for everyone with through proper life care planning from Advocare. Our goal is to offer experienced advice and guidance for those who don’t understand what options may be available. There are a number of different ways people pay for senior care, so let the life care planning team at Advocare help you decide your options. Our team also Our experience offers peace of mind that your loved one is truly in the best possible position for the future. Are you happy with your life care planning? Contact the team at Advocare today and learn more about planning for the future.

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How Can I Pay for Senior Care?

One of the most stressful parts about planning ahead for senior care is worrying how you are going to pay for it. While some have the luxury of paying privately, most rely on government programs like Medicaid, VA benefits or social security. Others opt for options like life, health or long-term care insurance. When deciding which option is best for your family, the team at Advocare does a complete financial assessment to better understand your situation. It’s important to note that situations change, so it’s crucial to develop a plan with change in mind. Our goal is to avoid a financial crisis down the road so your loved one continues to receive the best possible care. As elder life care planning professionals, we work collaboratively with you and your advisors to develop a plan maximizing government programs and filling in the missing pieces as economically as possible. Trust our team at Advocare to put you in the best position going forward.

Find a Medicaid Living Facility

Medicaid can be complex, especially going from state to state where guidelines and programs are not one in the same. Our team at Advocare frequently receive calls from panicked individuals worried about whether or not their aging relatives qualify for senior care through Medicaid. Not every qualifies for Medicaid so if you are unsure, then speaking with a team member at Advocare should be a top priority. We work closely with your financial planners and insurance providers to maximize your care options including both private pay and government resources such as Medicaid and other entitlements.

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