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Rave Reviews from Patients

We are proud of our team of South Florida Aging Life Care Experts (formerly known as Geriatric Care Managers.) Here are some client comments & reference letters we would love to share with you.

From a South Florida based Director of Business Development  (Sep, 2019)

Hi Amy,

You, Marty and the entire Advocare team have been an amazing asset for our family and on behalf of our family….. a huge thank you for helping us take care of our loved ones. On a personal note, it is truly amazing that we got to re-connect a few years ago after so long… It reconfirmed by belief that life does not have “coincidences.”  🙂

Best regards and wishing you & Marty for a very happy new year!  La Shona Tova!!

Mitch Small

From a Human Resources Manager in New Hampshire (July, 2019)

Hi Amy,

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I contacted you back in the September/October 2018 timeframe regarding my father John.  You referred me to your team and Dad, my brother Tom, and I worked closely with Jill, Jay, and Aiden for the subsequent eight months until Dad was relocated to Boston, to be close to Tom and I.  I have been remiss in not sending this thank you earlier.  Please don’t interpret the timing as diminishing the heartfelt gratitude we all have for your team.

I’d first like to address the contributions from Jill.  She is so knowledgeable and walked me through all that I needed to think about in placing Dad in an assisted living facility considering his limited financial situation.  Her patience with an ignorant adult child dealing with all that an ill parent thousands of miles away has to think about and make decisions for, was nothing short of amazing.  Jill was integral in finding attorneys both in Florida and Massachusetts to help with the process and ultimately located The Providence House in Brighton, MA where Dad is now successfully residing.

Aiden also has the patience of Job!  So kind, considerate, and willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen…even when the client royally messes up.  I realized Sunday, the day before Dad was to fly to Boston that I had his identification in New Hampshire with me.  Aiden was scheduled to get Dad on the plan that Monday.  He successfully dealt with a frantic me on Sunday, and got Dad on the plan the following day.  I made his life difficult, and he saved my behind!

Then there is Jay.  He was an amazing advocate for Dad and such a huge help to me.  There were countless phone calls asking his advice…which was always incredibly helpful.  During these calls I would often cry, sometimes be irate with Dad’s situation at a hospital, or rehab and vent to Jay. He was understanding, comforting, and when necessary (and there were a few occasions), would call me back to the task at hand so we could move forward. What I am most thankful for is his relationship with Dad.  My father isn’t the easiest guy to win over.  You need to know your stuff, talk straight, be firm, and listen…to what little he’ll share.  Jay truly got Dad, and my father respected him and along the way began to think of Jay as a friend as well as advocate.  He still asks me if I’ve heard from Jay.  I know he misses him.

I realize I have gone on a bit, but really wanted to express our gratitude.  When Dad was heading north I asked Aiden how I could show my appreciation to the group.  He said a recommendation would be the best option.  I hope this will serve the purpose well.  Don’t hesitate to refer a potential client to me.  I’ll be sure to sing your praises!

My very best to you all –

Gayle O.

From a college professor in Michigan (April, 2019)


Your company provided very professional help that was crucial to Rose making the transition from rehab back to Embark (independent living) and from Embark to Brookdale (assisted living).  Much appreciated.

Joel Slemrod

From a daughter of our client in Atlanta, GA (March, 2019)

Thanks again Lauren! So thankful for you!! 🙏🙏

Claudette P.

From a daughter of a previous Advocare client (March, 2019)

Hi Jill,

I ran into a woman and her Advocare Care Manager at the doctors office yesterday. It reminded me of how much help Advocare provided for my mother, especially you Jill.  It’s been almost two years but you are still in my prayers.
The life you helped to provide for my mom at her own home has been instrumental in the quality of my entire family’s lives, and every holiday we all spend together in her home with her is a blessed celebration. I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you and God bless.  I hope this note finds you and your family doing well.


Jennifer Gent

From a son in Santa Clara, CA (February 2019)

Thank you Aimee, Amy, and Juliet for allowing Maria and I to be less stressed out, knowing that there was always a professional on call in Miami to look after our Mom.

I can’t imagine how we would have managed without Advocare’s help, especially over the last year.

Regards, Carlos P.

From a daughter in Upstate New York (October 2018)

I never got to write a thank you to Advocare and specifically your Care Manager Lauren, after my parents passed away, but I do want to expressly thank Lauren for being so responsive to my needs and my parents needs during their last months.

Lauren was able to win over my mother, which was a tough thing to do and consequently helped ease my mother’s anxieties as she needed to let go of control and let others take over. She was also my eyes and ears and was able to navigate the hospice company’s administration to get what my parent’s needed.  Although my dad was less verbal, I also think he appreciated her services.  I will continue to recommend your services.

Judy Schwartz

From our client’s fiancee (July, 2018)  (Advocare note: Not all of our clients are elderly – we assist clients implement a care plan after a traumatic injury, such as this airline employee caring for her fiancee.)

Hi Amy,

I hope this finds you well. I cannot say enough positive comments & give enough compliments about Jim’s nurse (care manager), Mary C. It’s thanks to you of course, that Jimmy is in her care.

Mary has been exactly as you said upon our first meeting: “I’ve never had such glowing references.”; extremely experienced, so compassionate and kind, witty and a carer, a listener, a giver…& the embodiment of a magnificent, prepared nurse… she really cares about Jimmy and we reciprocate.

The loneliness and isolation is difficult and she’s made a wonderful difference to both of us.  Our holidays are already better; simply because of (our attorney’s) referral to you and your entire team.  I’m thrilled.

It’s an exciting time of change and hope.

Joni W.

From a CPA in North Carolina (June, 2018)

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for the love and care you have given my parents and me. My mom is going for a procedure today. Thanks to you for being at doctors and making them listen to her and pay attention. You clearly have made a big difference. My mom is so glad you will be there with her today as am I. You are a gift to my parents and me.

Bonnie B.

From a family attorney in Weston, FL (January, 2017)

“​I really appreciate your assistance over the last few months – the elderly care system is very daunting and having someone providing unbiased advice was priceless.”

Betty K.

From a client in Delray Beach, FL (February, 2017)

“​Wonderful customer service. The entire staff is a pleasure to deal with. They are very professional, caring and courteous.”


From a client in Delray Beach, FL (February, 2017)

“​The owners and nurse care managers here are incredibly experienced and dedicated. Particularly recommended for out-of-state families with complex local patients.”


From a music teacher in Maryland regarding Care Manager Jay (July 2016):

My parents and I are very pleased to get such a well-qualified, on-top-of-things, gentleman in their corner!

Arna R.

From a CFO of a technology company to our Care Manager Helen, who cared for their parents for several years (May 2016):

I have trusted your evaluation of her health above all of the many caretakers (nurses, social workers, doctors) who have been involved with her and Saul, as well. Thank you for exemplary care. Care that exceeded the boundaries of your job description and went far beyond due to your concern and your wonderful inclination to treat every patient as if he or she were dear to you….like your parent…both of them were so lucky to have you.  We, her family, were lucky, as well.

I wish you well…all the very best in life…you so deserve it as you give your all to your patients and to their families. Thank you, Helen, for being the best!

From a Senior VP of an employee benefits firm (April 2016):

Thank you for the courtesy and time you both extended to me on the telephone today.
Linda, your report was very thorough and you’re doing a terrific job working with my mom.

Gary M.

From a Registered Nurse that works in a Senior Living Community in Maine, who hired Advocare to manage her parents’ care until they were ready to move up north with family (April, 2015)

I want to tell you that you were instrumental in their ability to remain in the place that they love for the last 2 months. We cannot thank you enough for all your care and attention. You are an angel and all of your clients are very fortunate to have you!

P.S. Amy, feel free to use this as a testimonial to the “awesomeness” of your company’s services!!!

Debi Miller

From the Daughter in New Jersey regarding our Boynton Beach Care Manager, Helen (November, 2014)

To Amy, Helen and all of your staff,
Thank you for a marvelous and dedicated work you all do! May your blessings of a Happy Thanksgiving be abundant in love, peace and hope.

Sincerely, Nada and the entire family

From the Daughter of a client we assisted with both Home Care Management and Medical Care Management in Palm Beach (September 2014)

All of us have been pleased with both (caregivers) Jocelyn and Fallon, and Susie’s care management is extremely helpful, as well. Thank you for helping us during this challenging time.


From a Daughter-In-Law in New England regarding Medical Care Management in Boca Raton (September 2014)

This has set my mind at ease ! Linda is a very nice.

From a Daughter-In-Law in Virginia regarding Medical Care Management in Boynton Beach (July 2014)

Good morning, Amy,
I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have Helen’s assistance. Her visit with my father-in-law yesterday was so thorough, professional and respectful that it seems almost a contradiction in terms to also describe her as warm and comforting. I believe that Dad also feels very comfortable with Helen, and Dad’s SO Barbara, who is resistant to the concept of in-home assistance, is also more open to the entire concept after her visit. In short, I think we’re on the right path, and I very much look forward to working with Helen to address and fulfill Dad’s health-care and and general needs.


From 2 Sons: One in Boston, MA the other in Ohio regarding Care Management in Delray Beach (July 2014)


I and my brothers really can’t say enough thanks for the exceptional care you are providing our parents. Your immediate, thorough, and professional response for my mother: getting her immediately stabilized and to the hospital, handling her ER visit and admittance, and tirelessly advocating for her over the weekend was superb. With all of us far away from Florida, we rely on you, and Advocare, for our parents’ health, safety, and well-being, and to handle the inevitable medical problems and emergencies that come up with clients in our parents’ situation.

You are an amazing guy, Jay, and we think you’re the best! We feel truly blessed that we have such a caring, competent, and diligent person right there to make sure that our parents’ best interests are always first and foremost.

Amy – you have a stellar employee in Jay. I’m sure you already know this but it certainly bears repeating. We’re very satisfied with the care that your company is providing – thanks again!

Best regards, Richard

From his brother: Jay, Kathy and I second the sentiments Richard has expressed. Without you, we would be up the creek without a paddle!


From Two Brothers – One in New York, the other in Atlanta regarding Care Management in North Miami (Sunny Isles) (July 2014)

Dear Amy, just wanted to express how much we appreciate having Marylynne as our mother’s care manager…our family literally could not do without her…her professionalism, kind, caring manner & the fact that she had gone “above & beyond” on several occasions has proved that she is a gem…if Marylynne is indicative of the rest of your staff then you have a company to be proud of…

Our sincerest thanks…Michael and Bruce Kauffman

From a teacher of autistic children in Maryland regarding Care Management in Deerfield Beach (June 2014)

I just can’t thank you enough, Donna, thank you so very much for all you were able to do for both of my parents and family during the past year and a half.

Yours always, Ken Drier

From the Son, who is head of Global Human Resources in NYC (May2014) – Advocare tag-team of a Nurse Care Manager (medical) with Transition Care Manager (non-medical)

…as a follow up to my comment to Jill yesterday about how my Mom seems to have the most normal relationship she has had in years with my Aunts (all caveats included), I got a note from my brother today who said, “Spoke with Mom the other day… probably the most normal conversation we’ve had in years.”

The work both of you are doing here is difficult but really working! Who knows where we will end up on this, but I wanted to say thank you for everything you do and will do to help my Mom!


From a business owner in Asheville, NC (April 2014) to our Miami Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Marylynne

Thank you Marylynne, you are as efficient and sweet as can be. Your humanity is admirable. Honestly, thank you for taking such great care of Mom and making all of us feel comfortable and at ease; after a very very long long long time….

Thank you again, Andrea Paskow

From a Veterinarian in Connecticut (March 2014) about our Boca Raton Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Linda

On behalf of Mom, my brother Rick, and myself, I want to thank you for your excellent and professional care. Linda performed beyond expectations. You are lucky to have her on your staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I believe you have all of my contact information. A hard copy of this letter will be arriving at your office shortly. Again, thanks.

Todd Friedland

From a Financial Advisor in Baltimore – Jay, our Boca Raton / Delray Beach Nurse Geriatric Care Manager teamed with Jill, Life Transition Care Manager to handle both medical and non-medical care management issues. (March 2014)

Jay and Jill – to say “Thank You” for the amazing job you did taking care of my dad doesn’t really say it all.

The care, affection and support you showed to him and my family was incredible. I really felt that I could count on you to be my eyes and ears during this process. I am grateful for your hard work. And Jill – that fact that the two of you developed such a wonderful relationship just made it all even more special.

I’m not really sure what else to say except I’m so glad I had you both during this time.

Many thanks,

From a fellow Certified Geriatric Care Manager in NJ who hired Advocare for her clients visiting South Florida (March 2014) about our Delray Beach Geriatric Care Manager Donna

Hi all,

I am THRILLED with the report prepared by Donna. She did an excellent job! Thanks again for your help! I am eager to have Esther in Florida with her sister for this little vacation. I feel comfortable that with your oversight, we can make this trip a success.

Trish Colucci, RN-BC, CCM
Certified Geriatric Care Manager

From a Realtor in Minneapolis (February 2014) about our Palm Beach and Broward Life Transition Geriatric Care Manager, Jill

Hi Marty–

I wanted to share with you how pleased I have been with your company in general and Jill in particular.
Jill was great when she did my parents’ initial assessment – and excellent, too, with follow-up. We were OK for a while. But in the last few weeks, my dad unfortunately has taken a decided turn for the worse.

I knew that my parents needed more help. But – I couldn’t get them (well, my dad!) to accept more. I called Jill, rather frantic – and – as of tonight, they are now going to have 24 hour care. Jill met with them and was able to convince my dad to go ahead with this plan.

My thanks to you and Jill and your company for helping my family when we really needed it. Believe me, if I talk to others who need the services of a company like yours, I will definitely give your company a high rating to my friends!

I realize what an important function a company like yours can provide – and good people make the difference. So by all means, please share my thoughts. I’m also happy to speak to someone if they’d like additional feedback from me.

Peg Kaplan

From a Cantor in Southern California (December 2013) about our Palm Beach Geriatric Care Management services

Thank you Amy. There’s no question in my mind that your services made it possible for our mom to enjoy her final months of life.


From sisters: A financial institution Fiduciary Officer in Philadelphia and Fashion Consultant in NJ (December 2013) about our Lake Worth Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Helen

Hi Helen, I can’t thank you enough, the difference you are making in our Dad’s life. It’s like NIGHT AND DAY!!

I spoke with him this morning…His voice is strong, marked difference!!! His hearing is much better, he hardly if ever, asks me to repeat myself. He is actively pursuing his day, taking care of his business, feeling abreast of his daily routine.

He is so thankful to have you helping orchestrate and assist, while still feeling independent. WOW!!….I prayed for our dads good health and strength at the Kotel today…thanks Helen for making this difference in his life! We are all very appreciative!

Naomi and Sarah F.

From a Nurse Case Manager in Seattle, WA (October 2013) about our Broward Social Worker Geriatric Care Manager Gregg

Dear Amy,

I am an RN Case Manager in Seattle. Recently, when I needed help with my brother in Hollywood, I discovered Advocare online and called and spoke with Marty. I was upset at the way my brother was being shuffled from facility to facility with no oversight–I was receiving calls as he was being transported out the door.

Marty assigned Gregg to the case, and Gregg immediately got busy. He had Rowland placed in a good facility, visited him often and advocated for him with physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and administrators. Gregg was assertive, professional and compassionate. He called and emailed me with frequent updates, so that after months of worry I finally had some peace of mind.

Gregg is a real asset to your company, and was a blessing to me and my family during a difficult time. As a Case Manager myself, I wanted you to know how happy I was with the care he provided my brother.

Best Regards,
Jane C., RN

From an attorney in New York (June 2013) to our Broward Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Christina

Dear Christina,

I would like to reiterate how much our family appreciates your time, your professionalism and your caring. You have ALWAYS responded to my inquiries and requests and tried your utmost to make Mother happy and comfortable. Thank you for everything.

Best wishes, Harriet M.

From a College Admissions Counselor New York City (May 2013) about our Fort Lauderdale Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Christina

Amy, I’ve been very happy with Advocare and especially Christina. She’s been great! So happy I found you guys!

Sandy P.

From Manhattan, NY (June 2012) – Over the years several Advocare Geriatric Care Managers have collaborated to manage and optimize his mother’s care

Dear Amy:

My mother has been your client for several years now, and I think it appropriate as her son to tell you that your organization has done a uniformly fantastic job in managing her medical care. Mom will be 92 this August, and as is to be expected at that age, she has significant medical issues. The physicians that you have chosen for her care, many of whom I have personally interviewed, are first rank and have excellent understanding and experience in elder care issues. Over the years, her personal RN Case Managers have been very competent, reliable, informative (to me) and extremely helpful.

I came to the conclusion shortly after we became your client that a well run organization such as Advocare was indispensable to our family in assuring excellent medical care for mom. My sister and I both live in the NYC metropolitan area, and even though in general I know how to check out physicians, I realized that it was impossible for us to properly manage mom’s care from 1300 miles away.

Thanks again for doing such a great job.

Best Regards,
Mike Stieber

From a Management Consultant in Southern California (April 2012) about our South Florida Geriatric Care Management Services

“Hi Amy –

I apologize for taking so long to send you this note…
You may recall that we last spoke in September, when I called to ask about a situation my father was in. You listened to what I knew, and urged me to insist he go to the emergency room without delay.

Well, about six hours later, he was in emergency surgery for a twisted colon. It was incredibly scary, being 3,000 miles away while this transpired, but it was clear there was no time to wait for a flight to FL, or to postpone while my family and I did research on whether the surgeon was good enough.

Happy to report the surgeon was terrific (Dr Arvan, in Boca Regional), and my father did great, pulling thru the procedure like a champ, and having a speedy recovery and rehab.

I so appreciate you taking the time to confirm what we already suspected. It allowed my father to listen to a “professional,” and let that (your) opinion confirm what he had to do.

Thank you so much. Happy holiday to you.”

Best regards –

From a Health Care Executive in Dix Hills, New York to our Boca Raton Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Jay

“Hi Jay, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help during the past 6 months. You have been invaluable to me, given me piece of mind up here in New York. You and your company perform such a wonderful service for children of infirm elderly parents. I really felt a bond with you, that we were on the same wavelength on just about all issues regarding my mother’s care. Obviously you are a professional, but a truly caring person also.

You made today a bit less stressful for me by being there with my mother after she passed. As I already told you, I know that I probably wouldn’t be there for her last breath, but know she lived these past 6 months well cared for is very comforting to me.

Certainly I would recommend you to anyone in the same position as me.”

Laurie Ridell

From an Insurance Company Manager and his Physician Brother in Boston, Mass. to our Broward County Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Christina

“Christina, thank you so much for your relentless efforts on behalf of our father during the past few months. You made an enormous difference in ensuring that he received the type and quality of care and treatment he required and deserved and in allowing him to pass his final weeks with as much comfort and dignity as possible. Your participation, caring, insight, advocacy and advice were extraordinarily valuable to Dad, Judy and all of us. In addition, your regular reporting to Paul and me, and your constant availability to speak with us, gave us detailed, current information and great confidence that all that could be done was being done — information and confidence we sorely lacked prior to your involvement.

Thank you again to you, Amy and to all the staff for your superb service and assistance. May you all enjoy continued success and wonderful futures. “

Alan Block

From an Insurance Company Manager and his Physician Brother in Boston, Mass. to our Broward County Nurse Geriatric Care Manager Christina

“Christina, thank you so much for your relentless efforts on behalf of our father during the past few months. You made an enormous difference in ensuring that he received the type and quality of care and treatment he required and deserved and in allowing him to pass his final weeks with as much comfort and dignity as possible. Your participation, caring, insight, advocacy and advice were extraordinarily valuable to Dad, Judy and all of us. In addition, your regular reporting to Paul and me, and your constant availability to speak with us, gave us detailed, current information and great confidence that all that could be done was being done — information and confidence we sorely lacked prior to your involvement.

Thank you again to you, Amy and to all the staff for your superb service and assistance. May you all enjoy continued success and wonderful futures. “

Alan Block

From a Transportation Company Owner, Chicago, Illinois about our Palm Beach County Geriatric Care Manager Donna

“Hello Marty, thank you for services. Donna was better than “just great.” You are absolutely correct, she is super-great, on target, and very professional. My mother is ALIVE today I’m sure because of Donna and the services you and your organization provide.”

Regards, thank you, and my best,
Paul Foster

Congratulations to Honey & Milton!!!!

Honey and Milton have been Advocare Clients for over 10 years, and recently celebrated the arrival of their great-granddaughter, Stella.

At Advocare we are so pleased and privileged to have long term relationships with precious clients like Honey and Milton, and so proud that our Care Management Team has been able to support their health and independence throughout the years.

Honey and Milton- congratulations and hugs from our family to yours!

From Potomac, Maryland about our South Florida Geriatric Care Management staff

“This is the one year anniversary of the operation that went terribly wrong. Thanks to Marty who helped me set up everything on my short trip to Florida and to Linda for the small gesture of meeting me at the hospital so that I could meet her personally. I felt an immediate connection and confidence that I would be leaving my mother with the best care manager.

Thank you for filing the long term care policy for her. I received notification that the claim had been accepted and that the money will fully pay for her home health care. I could NOT have done this myself.

Finally I want you to know that I got the BEST phone call of my life this afternoon. My mother was in Macy’s picking out make-up. She sounded wonderful. I cried, it made me believe that she can come back. I was so grateful to hear the happiness in her voice. It’s a miracle and we could not have come through it without your help, support, intervention, and friendship. Thank you for that.”

Judy Hofheimer

From a senior client, Aventura, Florida about our Palm Beach, Coconut Creek, and Deerfield Beach Geriatric Care Manager Linda

“Amy, I wanted to tell you how I have appreciated Linda. She is not only wonderful, but is so knowledgeable and very wise in dealing with all of us. She knows her business and we are very lucky to have her on our team. She is like my other daughter and I trust her implicitly. She has been of enormous help and comfort to me. Thank you for assigning her to take care of me.”

Ruth Ward

From a Veterinarian in Minneapolis, Minnesota about our Broward County Geriatric Care Manager Kim

“Kim as you know, my father is moving to New Mexico. Thank you so much for all you have done to help him live independently for the last year and a half. Your expertise has been really appreciated, I know Dad liked you a lot. If Dad does move back to Florida, we certainly hope you can be his advocate.”

Joanne Schulman

From Montreal, Canada about our Broward-Miami Geriatric Care Manager Christina

“I most appreciated the wonderful way in which Christina took care of Helen, communicated with me, interpreted what was going on, and advised and guided me throughout all of the various challenges. You were a wonderful support for me and made me feel very confident that Helen was well cared for.”

Susyn Borer

From a Professor in San Francisco, California about our Fort Lauderdale Geriatric Care Manager Kim

“I am so thankful that Kim has been my mom’s care manager for these past 2 years. Her work has been exemplary in every way. She and I both love Kim and will keep in touch and let you know how she fares out here.”

Dana Bass

From Jamaica, New York about our Boca Raton Geriatric Care Manager Donna

“Donna, Amy, and Marty were all very helpful to me when my mother first became ill. The care model was excellent and allowed for better care for my mother. She was so against getting the help, so much in denial that she needed any help. Nonetheless, for me to be able to confer with Donna and get advice and direction was an important resource, for which I cannot thank enough”

Jane Schulman

From a couple managing their own complex care — Miami, Florida

“Before my psychologist recommended your company, I believe neither of us realized how much of a toll this kind of situation impacts a person – not just the one who is sick and needs the care, but in our case, the person who is also giving the care. Having at home plate for us is just such a great thing, it is hard to describe the feeling it gives us. You have our gratitude and no doubt that you have made a difference in the way we live our lives.”

Otto and Leah Zamorra

From a caregiver brother in New York

“The family thanks all of you for the very caring and professional way everyone at took care of my brother for the past 5 years. If we can ever provide a reference please do get in touch.”

Bill Conway

From an Association Management executive in Washington, DC

“Hi Amy, I have taken way too long to let you know how very pleased our family is with your company, your services, and very especially with Jay. He is so smart, thoughtful, caring, dependable, and enjoyable that now even my resistant mother will often say “I don’t know what we would do without Jay,” and I certainly agree. I am copying him because I have told him this already, but also want him to know that I am telling you as well.”

Carol Rogin

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